Life expectancy approaches 130 years

– 20 Minuten (German) by Tobias Chi | English translation by Quang Thai –

Researchers project a clear increase of the Swiss average age up until 2050. Why this is not really problematic …


When babyboomers retire, a new generation will break all age-related records. This is because a much larger group of people will most probabely reach 90 and beyond. Therefore, chances for outliers are higher.

Mike Martin, professor of the Universität of Zürich, who is one of the renowned ageing researchers in Europe, anticipates a new dimension: «I assume, that by 2050 we will have the first centenarians who reach 130 years or older», he says to the «Schweiz am Sonntag» news paper. The oldest Swiss woman, who recently passed away, was 110 years old.

Demand for more flexibility

«I refuse to see it as a problem just because we get older than ever before», says Martin. «There will be a problem for the social system, only if we associate it with a rigid retirement limit.»

The researcher demands more flexibility. Retired people don’t work anymore is not because of their productivity, but rather the fact employers don’t trust in their abilities to perform accordingly. Abilities such as concentration or brain power have an apex clearly beyond the age of 65. «Employers must adapt and should offer jobs to employees who are 70- or 75 years of age.»

However, a survey with almost 1200 participants shows that half of them desire to be 90 or older. At the same time, one third of them would like to retire at the age of 60.



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