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Japan’s formula for life satisfaction

– BBC Travel by Lily Crossley-Baxter – The term ikigai is a succinct way to describe what gets you up in the morning – be it work, family or a well-loved hobby – much like a prosaic version of the French raison d’être.   Stretched out across the seat on […]

What is altruism?

– Psychology Today – Altruism is acting out of concern for another’s well-being. Often, people behave altruistically when they see others in desperate circumstances and feel empathy and a desire to help.   Altruism doesn’t always come easily, since by definition, it requires people to disregard their own concerns to […]

What is the origin of Manneken Pis?

– BTH news by Quang Thai – If you have ever been to the capital of Belgium in Brussels, the Manneken Pis should be on the list of tourist attractions. But at first sight, most people get disappointed. This 61cm tall, bronze statue looked so impressive on the pictures. One […]

What Makes a Good Teacher?

– The Chronicle by By Rob Jenkins – You may never be as funny, approachable, or creative as your favorite teacher — the key is to try   Roughly a year ago, I wrote a column on “The 4 Properties of Powerful Teachers,” and named “personality” as one of those […]

Traditional breakfasts from around the world

– The Telegraph by Rachel Walker – Tropicana is encouraging us to start the day off right with a small glass of orange juice. Discover the most appetising morning meals on the planet. It is always breakfast time somewhere in the world…   Breakfast sets the tone for the day […]

8 ways to become a more genuine and authentic person

– Business Insider UK by Joel Garfinkle – Genuine people live true to themselves. Researchers Michael Kernis and Brian Goldman define authenticity as “The unimpeded operation of one’s true or core self in daily enterprise.”   Authenticity stands in contrast to the “fake it until you make it” philosophy or […]

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